Little Giraffes Kindergarten

Little Giraffes Kindergarten. 3) a giraffe’s height is helpful for keeping a look out for predators, such as lions and hyenas.their excellent eyesight allows them to spot hungry beasts from far away, too. Students trace the provided letters and then fill in the missing letters to complete the word.

Five Little Giraffes Nursery Rhymes Songs I Children Rhyme I
Five Little Giraffes Nursery Rhymes Songs I Children Rhyme I from

These free bossy r worksheets are super simple! Cut pictures of giraffes out of books, magazines, etc. Then, use peanut butter to put chocolate chips on your giraffe’s neck.

Cut Pictures Of Giraffes Out Of Books, Magazines, Etc.

Then, they write the word they created on the lines below and color the picture. Next, use peanut butter to put candy eyes and a rolo nose on your giraffe’s head. This is a popular activity from our little giraffes gingerbread theme unit.

Staple The Bags Together At The Closed End So You Can Remove The Pictures If You Wish.

A giraffe cow is pregnant with her calf for 15 months. When you're at little giraffes preschool, you're family! We offer more than just preschool.

Giraffes Grow About 4 Feet (1.2 Meters) In Their First Year Of Life.

4) herbivores, giraffes only eat plants.