Vintage in Croatia
Thursday the 25th of September 2014

The Monaco Ambassadors Club held on Thursday, September 25th , 2014 at 19:30, at the Novotel Monte Carlo, the second edition of his "Harvest", which this year have honored the Croatian culture through its wine and culinary expertise. The evening was attended by HE Mr. Ivo Goldstein, Ambassador of Croatia in France and the Principality of Monaco and SEM Michel Roger, State Minister and many members of the Prince's Government.

Since 1973, the Monaco Ambassadors Club offers its members to participate actively in the influence of the Principality of Monaco around the world, and to create a link between the communities living on the territory of Monaco.

Through these annual events, around the theme of "Harvest", the Club aims to offer its guests the opportunity to experience the traditions of other cultures and other countries. The theme of "Harvest" is an excuse to focus on the diversity of wine-producing countries.

The "Harvest in Croatia" in 2014, with the collaboration of Jean Kerwat, Honorary Consul of Croatia in Monaco, and Mr. Denis Ivosevic, Director of Tourism for Istria and Croatian authorities have allowed to discover the wines of the region of Istria, offered and presented by Dimitrij Brecevic and Tomica Galovic, and accompanied by authentic flavors of this country. The Croatian Chef Damir Modrusan, arrived from Croatia for the occasion, prepared the meal in collaboration with the Chef of Novotel Monte Carlo, Frédéric Ramos.

The Novotel Monte Carlo restaurant looked, the time to this private party, like a vineyard during the harvest.

the harvest.